Sowing the seeds of love

Traduit de l'ANGLAIS

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Though she doesn't know it, the day Aoife spots a neglected walled garden is the day her life begins again .

Restoring the garden gives Aoife an escape from the turmoil in her head and the ache in her heart.

At first, Aoife does not see that those who come to help her are just as in need of the garden's healing powers. But as they work together to create a little corner of paradise in the city, Aoife's new friends reveal stories showing her that troubled minds can find peace and hearts can mend.

But that doesn't make it any easier when she has to answer the hardest question of all .

Can she trust herself to love again?

Rayons : Littérature > Romans & Nouvelles

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    Tara Heavy

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    Adult Pbs

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